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Eastern Modality

We provide comfortable clothes or your light loose clothing (yoga pants).
Performed on a comfortable floor mat.

  • Traditional Thai Massage

    Oil is not used. Therapist performed full body massage is based on pressure points along ten key energy lines of the body. A variety of Thai yoga stretches to improve range of motion and deep-pressure massage to stimulate circulation throughout the body.

    1 hr: $80

    1.5 hr: $110

    2 hrs: $150

  • Thai Aroma Massage

    Oil massage combined with techniques of Thai (yoga) stretching. Improved circulation, improved energy flow throughout the body allowing balance, deeper connection with your body, stress relief, relaxation.

    1 hr: $90

    1.5 hr: $120

    2 hrs: $170

  • Thai Therapeutic Massage

    Technique of deep pressure and stretching. Targets concerns of deep muscle stiffness or pain in a specific area of the body using 100% natural herbal balm for muscle pain relief applied on specific areas.

    1 hr: $95

    1.5 hr: $130

    2 hrs: $180

  • Thai Herbal Compress

    The warm herbal compress is pressed over the entire body in order to soothe muscle and stimulate the vital organs and senses. Thai herbal massage has many benefits such as relief of muscular aches, pains and tension. It also helps improve and stimulate the lymphatic system, increases blood flow and circulation. The contents of the hot herbal compress are prescribed according to the condition being treated.

    1 hr: $95

    1.5 hr: $135

    2 hr: $180

  • Thai Foot Reflexology

    Must be booked with another service. Allows the body to release that stress, which contributes to repair, relief and healing. Reflexology is believed to be effective, in part, because the skin on the feet and hands are incredibly thing and therefore, a person has more access to the numerous nerve endings located within those appendages. The nerves act as a mirror of sorts for one another, seemingly desperate parts of the body.

    15 mins: $25

  • Cupping

    Cupping therapy with acupressure massage: Cupping therapy or negative pressure, rather than compression, is a great bodywork modality to release the muscle and fascia layers, and do Deep Tissue work as well. Cupping therapy rapidly relaxes soft tissue, loosens and lifts connective structures, breaks up and drains stagnation and toxins, and is also good for weight loss. The therapist uses soft cups that glide effortlessly over your skin giving yo a very strong, vigorous but relaxing massage with attention to imbalances of your acupressure meridians, and points. Cupping with acupressure is very good for anyone with very tight muscles, or injuries, sports people, office workers, and people who would like to jump start weight loss. 

    1 hr: $110

    1.5 hr: $140

Western Modality

Oil or lotion based with draping. Performed on the comfortable table.

  • Swedish

    Light or firm pressure, long strokes, as well as light, rhythmic motions. To promote relieving muscle tension, relaxing and energizing.

    1 hr: $90

    1.5 hr: $120

    2 hrs: $170

  • Deep Tissue

    Best for giving attention to certain painful, stiff "trouble spots" in your body. The massage therapist uses slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers of muscles, tendons, or other tissues deep under your skin and help with muscle injuries.

    1 hr: $95

    1.5 hr: $130

    2 hrs: $180

  • Pre-Natal (Pregnancy)

    This nurturing prenatal massage focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be by relieving tension and stress on joints.

    1 hr: $95

    1.5 hr: $130

    2 hrs: $180


Two are better than one! Book two simultaneous sessions at the same time for you and a friend to share. Call for Booking, not available through online booking. Price is sum of individual sessions.

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